Need to share files securely behind a login? SimpleBAMS runs on WordPress and allows you to add files for download and then split them into categories.

Are you a Franchisor or small business that wants to share brand assets or files securely with selected users?

SimpleBAMS is a digital brand asset management system which allows you keep all of your assets in one, easy to access place.

It’s easy to use, easy to streamline and easy to share. Seamlessly watch over the marketing messages and materials related to your brand with SimpleBAMS – and ensure that every member of your distribution chain is well trained about your brand: whether they are distributors, sales representatives, third party agencies or in-house marketing departments.

With SimpleBAMS, you can ensure that your marketing materials are never off brand or message again. The filters are easily customisable and allow you to sort your assets in a number of ways such as category, asset type, usage, format or audience (and more). Simply add your chosen assets to basket and download them as a .zip file.

  • Built using WordPress, to make it robust and easy to update
  • Create users in the admin and share access easily
  • Set up your own filters for files to match your business
  • Easy to search asset library
  • Beautifully designed and simple to use interface

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See the demo of SimpleBAMS here

See our demo version of the site here, you can use user / password to login and see how the download part works.

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